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    While ice-white platinum will always be a classic and rose gold has had a resurgence, we went looking for the next big thing in metals.

    You might have seen ruthenium used in hardware on accessories (the gorgeous Chanel Boy Bag comes to mind) but its use in jewellery has been limited - until now.

    So what is it?

    Ruthenium is the elusive yet enigmatic sister in the platinum family, rarely making an appearance in jewellery but making an impact when she does.

    First discovered in 1808, it took three chemists and 36 years to find positive proof of this new element. Russian chemist Carl Ernst Claus, widely considered the ultimate discoverer of the element, suggested calling the element ruthenium, after the ancient name of Russia, Ruthenia.

    This precious metal is one of the top ten rarest elements in the Earth’s crust. It’s robust and hard wearing, known for its striking matt black appearance.

    Why we love it

    Our ruthenium arrowhead micro studs and Cusp Sydney double bar earrings are refined and effortless. The sleek and modern design of these earrings make them the perfect complement to any outfit.

    We’re particularly proud of the quality of our ruthenium range as its all solid 925 sterling silver dipped in 2 microns of ruthenium. Style and quality combined.

    How to wear it

    Toss tradition out the window and mix your metals. The idea that all your jewellery needs to be the same colour and match the hardware on your bag is outdated. Ruthenium earrings look great paired with silver accessories. It’s also a great autumn/winter accessory when paired with the burgundy shades seen all over the catwalks for this winter.

    Cusp Sydney Arrowhead in Ruthenium or Rose Gold

     Cusp Sydney Arrowhead in Ruthenium or Rose Gold with the Cusp Sydney Bar Earrings in silver

    The Cusp Sydney stud earring range including the Cusp Sydney arrowheads micro studs and Double Bar earrings in ruthenium.

    What is my birthstone?

    Want to know your birthstone? Select your birth month from our handy birthstone chart read up on what it all means. 

    What's a birthstone?
    A birthstone is a semi-precious stone or gem associated with the month of a persons birth. 

    Will it give me magical powers?
    Sadly, no. Though hippies think they're healing. How, we can't be sure. What we do know is that they're a good excuse to break away from the more popular gemstones and wear something a little different. 
    How do I stack them?
    Birthstone rings are perfect for stacking, gifting and honouring your personal journey. Select the birth months of the people you love, create a stack and voila, instant story. 

    What do they mean?
    January | Garnet - Passion, devotion and friendship
    February | Amethyst - Sincerity and security
    March | Aquamarine - Loyalty, honesty and beauty
    April | Diamond - Purity and strength
    May | Emerald - Wisdom, faith & success in love. It's believed by some to be able to ward off evil!
    June | Pearl - Success, happiness and love
    July | Ruby - Love, passion and good luck
    August | Peridot - Strength & Good dreams
    September | Sapphire - Peace, serenity, purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith
    October | Opal - Hope and innocence
    November | Citrine - Consistency, faithfulness and friendship
    December | Blue Topaz - Strength, wealth, protection from harm, and connection

    Find your birthstone:

    Birthstone rings that don't suck

    Stackable birthstone rings that tell a story
    New Australian jewellery label Cusp Sydney has launched a range of meaningful, on-trend, stackable birthstone rings – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

    Made from real, semi-precious stones set in solid 925 sterling silver, each ring comes brushed or dipped in 2 microns of 18ct gold. Every order is then boxed beautifully by hand and shipped for free anywhere in the world.

    A thoroughly modern take on that most personal of jewellery trends, Cusp Sydney birthstone rings are perfect for stacking, gifting and honouring your personal journey. 

    How to put on a fine bracelet

    Handy! This clever video shows how to put on a fine or hard to clasp bracelet using only a bobby pin. 

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    We've been looking forward to this brand launch for an AGE. Inspired by our gritty, pretty hometown, Cusp Sydney combines the finest quality materials with the very best craftsmanship and turns out jewellery that takes the simple and the minimalist and gives it an edge. Their range of thread through earrings, ear cuffs, super fine necklaces and stackable rings is retailed exclusively via The Adorn Collective. Get this guaranteed future cult label now, before it's the brand in everyone's ears. New stock lands weekly.